Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what is this

oh, it's a title.
alright, then.

i dislike capital letters, they're so harsh. they really kill a sentence for me. yeah, yeah, it's proper and all, but i still don't like them. when i need to, i suck it up and capitalize letters. teachers don't really seem to appreciate essays that are lacking in the uppercase department, not that i've ever turned in an essay with intentional improper grammar, incorrect spelling, wrongful lowercase-ization (non-capitalization?), or any of that.

oh, god, and that-

what i just did-

i listed things and placed a comma after the word before the "and," something a teacher and i argued over for a half an hour. mind you, i was in first grade, but the argument is still valid. she was firm that it was incorrect to use a comma there, while i stood my ground that it was perfectly fine.

seriously, what looks better?

"Emma went to the store and picked up apples, oranges, and bananas."
"Emma went to the store and picked up apples, oranges and bananas."

isn't it a sort of guideline to use a comma where a pause is needed? 


that's not how that goes, is it?

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